OEM Parts

Part of our offer to Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs) is to supply finished or semi-finished prepared parts, that can easily be integrated into a complete new machine offered by the OEM and also be available as spare parts or upgrade parts. The vast majority of our OEM ready-to-use parts are critical components that are subjected to agressive wear, where the OEM needs an optimal wear solution.

Design and construction of new cyclones

We are frequently involved in designing and construction of new static cyclones as a partner of OEMs. Practical experience has showed that wearplates should be used as structural material on condition that their mechanical properties are taken into account. If the cyclone shell is divided into a convenient number of sections according to the wear rate, usually 4 to 6, replacement of a single part built with the appropriate CDP® plate is the faster and more economical solution. Three sections need maximum protection and CDP® 4666 XuperWave or CDP® 112 are strongly recommended to avoid linear wear. The different degrees of protection can be obtained by playing with plate thickness or coating grade. All these parts should be flanged for easy assembly and replacement. The low CDP® wear rate allows an easy prediction of the residual service life during inspections and, most of the time, no stock of spare parts is needed apart from a whole wearplate for emergency repairs.